People who start a new business do so because they have a good business idea however you may lack financial expertise.

However, you may not be an expert in the legal and financial aspects of running a business and so such matters often appear daunting. Fortunately you do not need to be an expert in these fields to succeed in business but you do need the support of a team of trained experts.

Roy Pinnock & Co LLP have helped many new businesses to start up and we still work with many through their different phases of growth and assisting them with the wide range of challenges that face a business as they grow from those early seeds.

  • We can offer you advice and help you decide how it would be best for you to trade, as a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership. This may be covered by your first free hour of consultation.
  • Form a limited company on your behalf.
  • For no charge to clients we will:
    • Send you form VAT1 to register you for VAT, and assist you with completion of the form if necessary.
    • Send you the inland revenue leaflet "thinking of working for yourself" to inform the inland revenue of your new status.
    • Set up a new payroll scheme for you.

Please contact us if you require any further information on the above.


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