A reliable and accurate payroll service is essential to maintaining the morale of your workforce.

There is nothing more demotivating than working all month only for the salaries to be wrong and the only response received is it will be corrected next month.

Roy Pinnock & Co LLP can provide you with a service that guarantee’s your staff are paid the correct amount at the correct time ensuring you have a happy and motivated workforce.

Let us take the hassle of running your payroll off your shoulders. Our payroll department that can run every aspect of your payroll for you, no matter how many employees you have or how frequently you pay. We can cope with all the correct HM Revenue Forms, P46s, P11Ds, P46 (car), P6s, P32s, P11s, P14s, P60s, P35s, P38s and P45s - either by paper or electronically.

We will register you through the Government Gateway through our agency account and file all your returns through the internet.

Our Payroll services include the following options:

  • We can come out to your office and run your week or monthly payroll - View our current charges.
  • Deal with all aspects of PAYE.
  • Assist with preparing budgets, forecasts & cashflows.
  • Payroll services can be carried out by post & e-mail, so location need not be a restrictive factor.

We also now have the facility for you to record your cashbook on-line into our accounts package. We will set this up for you and check your data regularly.

Payroll Charges 2015 - 2016  (effective from 1st July 2015) - All prices below are exclusive of VAT
Charges per Employee, Per Run    
Number of Employees Per Run   Cost Per Run
1-30   £2.30
31-60   £2.17
61-100   £1.89
101-500   £1.70
501-1000   £1.58
Minimum Charge Per Run
£18.15 per Weekly Run
£27.48 per Monthly Run
To process Autopay/Telepay   £20.68 per run
BACS Forms   £9.52 per run
Other Charges per Employee
Set Up   £10.40 per employee
End of Year P60 & P35   £4.70 per employee
Auto Enrolment - Contribution to Software    
1-200 employees per tax year   £5.15 per month
200 - 500 employees per tax year   £30.90 per month
500 - 1000 employees per tax year   £103.00 per month
1000 - 9999 employees per tax year   £206.00 per month
All charges above are exclusive of VAT
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