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  1. Ratings agency cites concerns about the UK's public finances and economic uncertainty around Brexit.
  2. UK tech firm Imagination, which has designed chips for iPhones, is being bought for £550m.
  3. After Theresa May's Brexit speech, business groups say it is now time for progress on trade and transition.
  4. Sadiq Khan defends the decision to strip Uber of its London licence after a petition gets 500,000 names.
  5. Married couples - or those in civil partnerships - can claim a tax allowance worth £230 a year.
  6. The Facebook chief executive says he still plans to sell up to $12bn (£9bn) of stock to fund philanthropy.
  7. President Trump will make a decision on help for US solar manufacturers after a trade panel ruling.
  8. The number of overseas visitors to the UK topped four million in July for the first time.
  9. The town immortalised by 'The Office' is a "prime spot" for jobs and a good quality of life.
  10. The eurozone economy ended the third quarter of the year on a strong note, a survey indicates.


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