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  1. Purdue Pharma has generated billions for the family that own it from selling controversial painkiller opioids.
  2. With iPhone sales slowing, could the tech giant be about to announce a move into subscription TV?
  3. The FTSE 100 saw its worst day of trading this year, while US stock markets have also fallen sharply.
  4. The chains tell the UK competition watchdog they would sell up to 150 supermarkets to be able to merge.
  5. The struggling department store chain is trying to fend off overtures from Sports Direct's Mike Ashley.
  6. Civil service chiefs are asking staff how working class they think they are to make recruitment fairer.
  7. The self-driving shuttle will be available to workers at a large site in Brooklyn.
  8. From peanuts in your pesto to mislabelled fish, food fraudsters are now in the spotlight.
  9. Train times will be recorded to the minute at every stop in an attempt to improve train punctuality.
  10. The travel firm is cutting more than 300 roles as it closes 21 stores across the country.


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