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  1. A sell-off led by technology firms spreads to other stocks; oil prices sink by nearly 7%.
  2. French finance minister says the Nissan boss is no longer capable of running the French carmaker.
  3. Income from the levy, which began in April, is on track to meet the estimate of £240m for the year.
  4. A new boss has been named to lead the brand, which is grappling with declining sales.
  5. A firm called Travel Insurance Facilities is being accused of denying proper care to policyholders.
  6. The entrepreneur would not reveal why he had renamed the craft, which has still not yet been built.
  7. Women must have "fancy little knickers" while men must have "outfits to impress".
  8. Price-trackers can show the history of what on-line retailers have been charging
  9. Shares fall despite airline reporting record annual profits and "promising" bookings for next year.
  10. How many hours do you need to work to be officially classified as "employed"?


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