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  1. Will Arcadia's restructuring save the company or hasten its demise?
  2. With an even bigger electoral mandate, India's new government is in a position to push ahead with reforms.
  3. Will Africa's governments and consumers have to choose between using US and Chinese technology?
  4. How Norway is persuading motorists to switch to electric cars.
  5. About 15 restaurants are closing each week across the UK.
  6. The UK's largest water and waste water firm has struggled with leaks and falling profits.
  7. The film producer reached a deal with women who say he sexually abused them, his lawyers tell media.
  8. A 58-year-old man was killed when a hose violently whipped round and struck him.
  9. The baby goods retailer says it is on a "sounder footing", even though UK sales fell nearly 9%.
  10. The ONS said sales were flat in April, as clothing sales offset declines in other sectors.


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